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International Touring


World Sailing Games, 2006

Skywalker with Cordula Nossek

Museumsquartier Wien 2005

Visual Theatre

Visual theatre is a theatre, in which it is not the text that lies in the foreground, but the image, the visual fascination, the magical and optical adventure and the stories that can be understood by anyone independent of age, origin or residence.

Konzerthaus Vienna, 2005

“It is important for me that my work stays transparent. In a world of complete mechanisation, it‘s the simple, comprehensible things brought up in a surprising combination or in uncommon dimensions that amaze people...“

Karin Schäfer

This is Puppetry of a very high order.
Irish Times, 16.9.2004../press/twice_upon_a_time_-_irish_times_16_09_2004.html

Japan , 2009

Kenya International Festival

Nairobi, 2004

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China, 2009

Concert with Staats- Symphonieorchester

der Türkei, 2010

Philharmonie Luxemburg, 2008

“Not only geographically but also in the content there are limits being passed, associations being developed and bridges being built...“

Kronen Zeitung, 22.6.2005

Guest performance

The “Karin Schäfer Figuren Theater“ has been in more than 40 countries worldwide with its productions. They have been shown in prestigious international festivals as well as in great theaters and have won numerous international awards. From concert halls to company events, from art museums to major events, we can find the perfect programme for every opportunity.

Production application

We dedicate ourselves to all possible and impossible matters - from fine arts to sport events, from musical theatre to business presentations - in order to bring them in a visual and theatrical environment. Numerous techniques and art forms can be used and every framework is conceivable.

Just ask us, and let‘s work out something together!

Feldkirch Festival 2010

TV Spot Maxdata

Berlin, 2004

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